One winter’s Saturday last year, whilst manning my market stall, trying to keep warm and bemoaning the difficulties of running your own small business with a fellow stall holder, he suggested we think about what we enjoy about our businesses rather than those things we don’t like or don’t feel we’re good enough at. He, of course, is a very wise man and I have much to thank him for. Firstly, I gave up the market, having established my meals for sale at the local butchers, the same A J Cox as mentioned previously. Secondly, I surmised that I enjoy the cooking (that’s a relief!) and, more specifically, I enjoy cooking for other people – result.

So, it makes me feel pretty damn good about what I do when customers tell me nice things about my food. This arrived in my inbox the other week so thank you, Linda, no one has ever written a poem about me before (well I don’t think so) and it will take pride of place on my new testimonials page.

Dear Ruth

As a way of saying how much I enjoy your Ready Meals (my two favourites are your Salmon & Broccoli Mornay, and Chicken in Sandford Orchards’ Cider), I wrote this:


If wishes were dishes,

I know what I’d eat –

Ruth’s Real Food.

Fast! Tasty! Just Heat!

Made in Ruth’s kitchen

From the best local fayre.

Fresh, honest food,

Chosen with care.’


Best wishes

Linda W.

(in Tavistock)

One of Linda’s favourites – Salmon and Broccoli Mornay

So I’m keeping calm, carrying on and getting back to my kitchen for more cooking!