I usually complain about how early the shops start promoting and selling Christmas stuff but, this year, I count myself guilty of the same offence.  In my kitchen, Christmas preparations began in August but, in my defence, it’s been a bumper year for my Christmas puddings so I had to start early

August in the kitchen – the start of our big stir up.

I’ve been selling my Homemade Christmas Puddings for several years now and last year, we started selling wholesale to local shops in a very small way.  I made just over 100 puddings last year but this year, it’s going to be 300!  100 of these were made especially for Sheppy’s House of Cider in Somerset using their Vintage Cider rather than my usual Port Stout.

Beautiful display of my puddings at Sheppy’s House of Cider.

Then came news that my pudding had been awarded a Gold medal in the Devon Food and Drink Awards, so more shops wanted to sell my puddings. And, of course, those that bought last year wanted them again which always makes us very happy.  I have pudding fans nationwide and, this year, I can add a fan in Canada as well.  Hope Parcelforce can get them to the right places in plenty of time.

Very proud of my awards

So, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has ordered my puddings and meals throughout the year and I feel I can now say, without fear of being too early, HAPPY CHRISTMAS.