Ruth’s Real Food started life as an idea when we lived in South West London. With a young son to feed as well as demanding jobs, Martin and I became increasingly aware of the dire quality of the ready meals available and the potential negative impact these would have on our diets and general health.

It was my wake up call and, as I’ve always loved cooking, I began to produce our favourite meals in larger batches at weekends to keep some in the freezer for work nights. I also began growing a few vegetables in our small backyard.  I’m from a family of keen gardeners so I must have inherited the gardening gene!


After over 20 years of living in (and mostly loving) London, we moved to Devon in 2006 and have never looked back!  My love of cooking and appreciation of good food has really blossomed here in Devon.   We have direct access to local farm produce and I have my own kitchen garden growing fruit, vegetables and herbs not only for the family but now also for Ruth’s Real Food.

So, with such wonderful produce on my doorstep, I took the plunge and Ruth’s Real Food became reality in 2008. My son’s grown up now, but he and my husband, Martin, are still Head Tasters! My menu has moved on to incorporate lots of new dishes but my ethos concerning food remains as strong as ever.