Dear Ruth

As a way of saying how much I enjoy your Ready Meals (my two favourites are your Salmon & Broccoli Mornay, and Chicken in Sandford Orchards’ Cider), I wrote this:

‘If wishes were dishes,
I know what I’d eat –
Ruth’s Real Food.
Fast! Tasty! Just Heat!
Made in Ruth’s kitchen
From the best local fayre.
Fresh, honest food,
Chosen with care.’

Best wishes

Linda W., Tavistock

Hi Ruth

Thank you ever so much for the meals you did for our friends they were both very pleased. Laura had one tonight and said it was delicious! Many thanks again for such a wonderful service.

Amy, Exeter

August 2018

Hi Ruth,
I just wanted to say thank you hugely for being so helpful and accommodating with my food order. It was extremely helpful that you delivered it and was much appreciated.


Sarah H., Exton

May 2018

I just wanted to let you know that we all loved your food on Saturday. It was much admired by everyone – it really was absolutely delicious, and the portions were very generous.
Lots of my friends asked about it, so I hope you get some more custom from it.
I have several vegetarian and vegan friends and family, so it was delightful to be able to provide that sort of food for them, and of course it made it all much easier for me!
Thank you very much for your kind attention with deliveries etc,

Sue N., Sandford, Devon

January 2018

A Very Happy New Year to you all!!

Lush, lush, lush!!! The Christmas puds were absolutely fab… can they be so tasty and like our Grandma used to make!! The family thoroughly approved!! Jim and i just eaten the smaller one today with stilton and crackers – seriously wicked!!

Thank you so much ….again for making our festive food so successful!! And i didnt have to do ANYTHING!!! Magnifique!!

Lizzie S., Devon

January 2017

Our holiday visitors really appreciate being able to pre-order Ruth’s Real Food so that when they arrive here after a long journey they have a delicious meal  waiting in their fridge or freezer and just needing to be heated up.
We also keep a stock of Ruth’s most popular dishes so that our visitors can just come over to the estate office and take away that evening’s meal. Who wants to have to think in advance when you are on holiday? The service we receive from Ruth and Martin is amazing.
Ruth uses the best of local ingredients and you can really taste the difference. In fact, her food is so good that it is not only the holiday visitors who enjoy it on a regular basis!

Catriona Fursdon, Fursdon House

Many thanks for re-awakening my appetite!  You’re a breathe of fresh air for a person with my restrictions……due to this operation, but your meals are cheering me up 😊

Ian P., Axminster

Dear Ruth.
I just wanted to send you an email to say how much my husband and I enjoyed your home cooking our son and family sent us. They were all quite delicious.
They sent it because I have just had a new hip, so  it was very easy for my husband. They arrived beautifully packed…..also thank you for the personal note you put in.

Penny D., Hampshire